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April 4 - 6, 2008

The more small stuff we get accomplished, the happier I get.
Because that means SOON we will be FINISHED!

Mike started working early on Saturday to paint the spare
bedroom. This is the room on the front corner of the house
we refer to as the "kids' room." That refers to our kids, who
are all adults. So adult guests will get to enjoy this room, too.

The color is Woodlawn Lewis Gold. I told Mike my goal is to
make the room feel like a warm, snuggly cave so folks will
want to wrap up in a quilt and read or nap the day away.

I did the trim work while Mike manned the roller.

Together we got the walls covered pretty quickly.

That meant Mike could move on to paint the hall. And I could drive to
Lowe's in La Vale for more paint (I never seem to buy the right amount).

The hall is a nice, off-white color. Notice the
junk in the other spare bedroom? More on that later...

This was the last picture of the day for Saturday. If you want to know why,
read on. If you don't really care, scroll down to the next picture.

I have been wanting to buy some hickory rocking chairs for the front porch. They used
to be sold at a place called The Casselman Inn in Grantsville, Maryland, which is about
20 miles west of La Vale. So I figured while I was out, I'd drive the truck over to
Grantsville and check out the prices on the rockers. Unfortunately, they cost about
$80 more, each, than they are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. So it was a wasted trip.

As if that weren't bad enough...

Before I found out the rockers were too expensive, I stopped at an ATM to get
some cash. When I pulled into the parking lot, I hit the curb -- a very sharp curb,
I must add -- and ripped a hole in the sidewall of Mike's tire. Not good.

Not only did I have to change the flat tire, I did so knowing the tire could not
be repaired. A couple of men offered to help, but I did it myself. I figured that
was my penance for destroying the tire. Mike was not happy, naturally. Me either.

I didn't get back to the house until about 3:00. After more painting,
I had to drive 45 minutes to the Wal-Mart to buy two new tires. After
having them installed and making the 45-minute trip back to the house,
it was 9:30 PM. And I had a splitting headache. The day was shot AND
we were about $300 poorer. Sunday had to be better, right?

Sunday morning it was raining pretty steadily. While I was painting and Mike was
installing base molding, the dogs were running around in the rain getting VERY dirty.

You can sort of see C in the background. Notice the mud on her sides?

And check out Meg's belly below! Not to mention all the muddy footprints.

Dirty Meg in WV

Clean Meg in MD

I forgot to mention that Mike installed the door on the kids' room,
too. You can see how nice the paint and molding look in the bedroom.

Here's a shot from inside the kids' room.

And a view from the main house down the hall.
Plus, the "grandkids' room" is now junk-free!
Mike moved all the stuff to the garage so this
room can get painted next. Molding and a door will
be added, too. We also need to clean the floors.

Looking at these pictures, it occurred
to me that the bedroom paint looks to be the
same color as the paint in the kitchen. It isn't.
The kitchen is much brighter.

As you can see from the sample colors on the
left, the Dahlia color in the kitchen is a lot
more "vibrant" (as my Aunt Bertha
described it) than the Woodlawn Lewis Gold
we used in the in the bedroom.

You'll be able to appreciate it more when you
see it in person. And after I have added all
the cute decor accessories I have been gathering.

The dogs were so wet, cold, and dirty, I decided baths were in order.
Mike helped, of course. Not only were they wet and muddy, they STUNK, too.
Not like wet, muddy dogs, but like dogs that had been rolling in dead stuff.
And like one dog -- the crazy, brown one that will eat ANYTHING -- who'd
been puking up said dead stuff the previous afternoon and all night long!
Mike was the unfortunate one to get out of bed first on Sunday.
He said the living room floor was a minefield of dog puke!

Meg was not happy. Lucky for them, Mike was able to hook the hose to
the sink in the garage so they got bathed with nice, warm water.

Next week, I am taking a break! I'll be in Maryland working on projects while
Mike paints the grandkids' room, installs molding and the door, too. Did I
mention that he is already working on building a bunk bed for the grandkids?

We really will be able to have company visiting soon!


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